There was a little slideshow-y art thing on a now-defunct webpage, called Acrylic Areas. That's generally regarded as the earliest variant of what would become this project.

That project was later expanded and repurposed, and some time around 2009-2013 there was a LITERAL panorama-based 'Panoramic Worlds' developed which is still accessible today.

Ideas involved in this project and 'Miniature Multiverse' were at that time somewhat intertwined.
Getting both projects towards completion has been... challenging.

I am still doing a lot of unrelated stuff, from microtasks on mTurk [for funding gamedev - I would prefer to make it as an indie dev and do that full time, but that has yet to work out], to original handmade art sales on Etsy, to stock-media asset-pack sales on matthornb.itch.io. And I've continued making videos sometimes in between all of those things. So I've been very busy and that has slowed my gamedev efforts down a lot of the time. 

You can find links to many of these other efforts below: