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The game now in development has gone through many, many transitions and variants.

Initially it started off as a small slideshow-style virtual tour called 'Acrylic Areas' in 2008.
This was one of my weak attempts at drawing inspiration from the creative worldbuilding of other notable developers in the puzzle/graphic adventure genre.

I loved the idea of making intricate, imaginative and carefully realized gameworlds, with strong visual design.
Unfortunately, Acrylic Areas and many subsequent projects fell far short of my desired creative goals.

I also had a similar project in parallel called Miniature Multiverse, which involved panoramic tours of miniature hand-crafted worlds, and there was even a failed Kickstarter for that. It is now being actively revitalized in 2017 - watch for a full-realized release of that classic idea on Itch.IO by 2019 (hopefully - I'm trying very hard to hit that target date, and hopefully not only have I learned a lot of cool Unity/Playmaker design techniques in the process but I'll also be able to massively improve Panoramic Worlds in its initial launch as a result, even if Panoramic Worlds is delayed a bit more)!

Both of these ideas ended up fusing together in some sense, with the original 'Panoramic Worlds'.

Near the end of 2009, I built a panoramic tour using Pano2VR, a virtual tour creation program.
The result was here.  It was actively developed from late 2009 until 2011, at which point I began searching for better options that could actually be used to implement gameplay.

I toyed with the idea of using the Dagon engine that Senscape was developing.
It was a panoramic game engine and one of the few easily available to indie game developers.

I did manage to convert some bits of the project into Dagon, but ultimately, after testing out the possibility of a full realtime 3d equivalent in Unity engine, I opted to rebuild the entire project as a fully-featured adventure game (complete with story content, better graphics, ambient audio, and a mix of interesting puzzles) and that effort has been moving forwards gradually, a bit at a time, ever since that decision was made at the start of 2012.

That's no small feat for a part-time indie dev, and it has been a lot of work.

Now it is 2018, and finally I'm getting close to release.

Good thing, too.

It has been a decade since the idea for this project first formed!

I love creating worlds.  It's just really fascinating for me, to be able to craft imaginative game environments.
I hope you will enjoy discovering the worlds I'm currently creating for you to explore.

But one key note here - the project will not be completed quickly without public support in some form.
I had tried a KS once and it failed; now I'm just hoping a few of you will take note of the links to the left and buy something through them.  That would be immensely helpful in getting this game past the finish line.  Thank you all.


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