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I'm also working on a few other projects beyond the free and paid releases of this game.

Here are some links to other websites I'm currently running.  You can look through them to see what other creative projects I am working on besides this one:

Triumphant Artists Web Network main pageBoy Scout Troop 4, Houston TexasChurch of the Redeemer, Vineyard Church of Houston, and Missio DeiGalilee GamesMyst fan art, fan page for the Myst series

The long-awaited cross-platform adventure game IsolaVivid Minigolf, a miniature golf game with miniature-art graphics

Panoramic Worlds is an indie fantasy adventure game made by one artist, Matthew Lyles Hornbostel.  It is a realtime 3d remake of an old virtual tour which was and still is available here.  Panoramic Worlds, in its newest form, will be best classified as a 'first person graphic adventure game' but with relatively easy and sparse puzzles and more emphasis on exploration of the gameworld than on especially difficult puzzle design.

Panoramic Worlds: Realtime 3d Edition has been postponed until December 2014, in an attempt to resolve some difficult-to-fix bugs and ensure a more complete, polished and better-optimized release with more detail and better performance.  I regret the seemingly endless span of delays, but it's not easy for a single person to pull off a project like this, especially when my time is split between working on this and working on a bunch of other unrelated tasks in an attempt to piece together the funding needed to complete this game.  Not only have I put many hundreds of hours into developing this, thousands even, but hundreds of dollars as well. 

I know I've been ridiculed for how slow I am to complete my creative projects, and how many of them are still not yet released.

  It takes a long time to develop a game even with a large team, and it's even tougher when the developer is just one person. Things may take a while to move forward, but the project will end up being better as a result.

Watch for HD release on Itch.IO around the end of 2014 and free web release on this website around the same time.

If you want a more detailed estimate of how things are going, you might be interested in reading this PDF: THE FUTURE OF PANORAMIC WORLDS AND TRIUMPHANT ARTISTS   This document attempts to explain the discrepancy between how long I thought this would take and how long it actually is taking, and re-evaluates release schedule based on actual, not optimistically anticipated, rate of progress. I'm currently aiming to have only three or maybe four worlds in the first release (on December 20th, 2014) because at the rate things have been moving that is all I can safely and confidently pledge to have ready by the end of the year. The rest of the first seven worlds should be ready by mid-2015, with another world added as a free update once every 2-4 months after that. You should expect a steady flow of new media content posted periodically between now and December 20th, with the biggest item, a video trailer, posted a week or two before launch.